Unlike the tradition of all the holy books that require the reader to read hundreds if not thousands of pages of difficult to read antiquated language or cryptic text that is open to multiple interpretations, Oneism endeavours to present The Creation’s truth as clearly and precisely as possible.

It will introduce a new methodology that helps differentiate good from evil with a very simple comparison system that is set in a pure God created environment.

One needs to evaluate human behaviour to see whether it is constructive (good) or destructive (evil) in an environment that is not filled with confusing man made surroundings. This measurement of human behaviour in a pure environment will be Called 'The Eden Principle' and it follows in more detail below.

Imagine an environment with only that which is natural, flora and fauna, beautiful landscape and vegetation… and humanity. Let’s refer to this as the 'Eden Principle‘ since it has a pure beautiful sensitive environment very close to the garden of Eden at The Tree of Life.

This is a 'mental' concept where one can compare any human behavioural pattern to see if it is either constructive to this environment and its people dwelling there or destructive and at risk of harming anything there.

More on 'The Eden' environment, referred to as the Eden Principle follows in the next chapter below.

Quite remarkably all the teachings of perfect constructive human behaviour all fit onto one page.

  • Good is a constructive behavioural pattern.
  • That is in harmony with The Creation.
  • Evil is a destructive behavioural pattern.
  • That is NOT in harmony with The Creation.
  • It is important to reason that it is very unlikely that there is a ‘magical’ force of evil.

The Eden Principle

Look closely at the image below and memorise its simplicity. This system of measurement of human behaviour uses the sacred name ‘Eden’ in its title because this principle holds the ultimate teaching mechanism at the Garden of Eden itself.

t is called 'The Eden Principle' because it follows the design plan of The Creation. It has nothing man made in it other than the clothing of the individuals seen here.

The image below depicts beauty, simplicity and purity of all natural creation, all in balance with its environment.

Edenprinciple X Image

The awe inspiring splendour seen here is close to that of the Eden biosphere built by The Cherubim in honour of The Creator’s own love for its creation.

Beautiful peaceful nature, clear air and water, food, shelter and clothing are the very basic needs that should be classed as human rights to all that make daily effort to maintain such an environment, be it physical or mental work.

In this perspective, as a mental picture, one can measure right from wrong, good and evil in this environment concept rather than our imperfect man made environment.

It is the only way to measure and understand true constructive or destructive human behavioural patterns.

Humanity is currently not at all clear in understanding what is truly right and what is wrong because humanity has been measuring itself over the millennia in our false man made society... One blindly focused on business, power and profit for the best interests of the elite while most of the world suffers.

For example, our world system elevates the greatness of wealth and to make more profit at any cost.

Those that are not wealthy are becoming enslaved in a way that is so cleverly designed they don't even know it.

Money is more and more becoming the root of all evil and it is about to reach shocking new heights.

Sadly 'modern' ways are not only off track and generally destructive in the context of our environment our society is heading backward instead of forward matching the claims of prophecy. War, evil leaders, and worst of all ... a form of business controlled human slavery is almost upon us that most will not realise is active until the world economy crashes and one is forced to work longer hours for next to nothing.

The elite will still prosper because it will master control of a fake democracy. A democracy where new candidates only have the right to try for leadership if they are extremely wealthy.

In doing this, new government naturally ensures law does not work against the interests of the very rich.

The 'Eden Principle' as a virtual measuring device:

Here is an example how one can measure if a human trait/behaviour is constructive or destructive when judging ones character: Write down what constructive or destructive words fit the person and what percentage from the two pyramids of good and evil portray any person you want to measure. Consider trying this measurement on your own character.

The result is obviously more accurate if one has spent some time with the person being measured. People of great responsibility like Presidents of nations should by rights be measured with this method. A person with such important status by rights would need to have a record of very impressive constructive habits to be considered for such leadership.

But as you have no doubt realised, many 'great' people of power today have already convinced millions of people in our manipulated environment that they are good for 'it' and right for the job... but in truth they are the ones that cause more chaos and more harm to their nation than good.

There is another great learning to be gained from the 'Eden' image above.

The Creation no doubt put a lot of passion in to this environment for the gift of world to be an 'Eden' paradise. These things are all possible in time and explored on the page 'New Human Rights'.

To define the perfect life experience as a paradise:

It would include the detail mentioned above as well as another wonderful gift of being physically human... sharing the experience with a loving caring partner.

This is the ultimate gift that The Tree of Life created for all gentle beings... a way to experience real life and happiness every day possible.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if millions could somehow get to see this system and reason the simplicity of measuring human ways of life using this 'Eden Principle'.

It would motivate order in society with happiness, working away from stress, chaos and disaster.
Please spread knowledge of this system.

It needs people in great numbers if we want to make important changes to our world in crisis.


Knowledge is food for the soul

Learning and knowledge hold one very important secret:

Great knowledge naturally feeds and develops the soul constructively It is less likely for someone of great knowledge to resort to destructive habits.

It is more likely for one starved of knowledge to resort to destructive behaviour.

Our minds are our thoughts which are the essence of our souls, and with great learning you can naturally reason and see the good and order of all things, particularly in the sciences.

The sciences are the secrets of The Creation and something we should all have access to. In truth, the sciences are sacred subjects, something not at all recognised in learning today.

Societies starved of knowledge and learning will naturally become frustrated, bored and feel trapped in a life that supposedly has little meaning and no value.

ocieties that have very destructive histories were once more often than not the unwitting subjects to tyrannical leaders.

Society exercising their powerful war machines for their own personal gains, at the expense of a people left with a life devoid of comforts or any aspirations... and more often than not a complete lack of learning and knowledge.

Society has also put a very high price on learning and knowledge when it should be something as free as the air that we breathe.


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