All citizens have the right to a basic 69 sqm home with water and electricity these services will be provided free as it is given by our Creator from the sun and earth.

A charge of rates will be levied to maintain the infrastructure.

ie; roads sewerage water and electrical supply waste disposal etc.

No citizen will be allowed to live on the street they will be provided for in hostels until homes and jobs can be provided.

House plan on easel


L Shaped House Plan

  • The UN will be arranging an allocation of land in each of the 1500 provinces in africa and middle east and consists of 60000 homes fully furnished including tower gardens.
  • The villages will have schools with very modern facilitiies shopping malls, business centres, sport stadium and hospital.
  • Each village will be self sustaining by growing its own food in tunnels a complete agriucultural solution.
  • Every village will have a very modern 1st world university hospital so we ccan create a new generation of medical staff in these areas and offer all the services in a 1000 bed facility from E.R to I.C.U, maternity, burn unit, dental, opthalmic, prosthetics, pediatrics, and so much more.
  • Maveric has a unique education facility.
  • Maveric has huge financiual resourses and is financially self sufficient to afford only best of everthing and we are registered with world bank and finca.
  • Maveric N.G.O. does not rely on donations.
  • The villages will be fully protected by maveric military defence force with full early warning antimissile attack systems drones and seasoned soldiers to ensure safety and stability.


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