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IN HUMBLE SUBMISSION to Almighty CREATOR, Who controls the destinies of nations and the history of Peoples and mindful of their responsibility towards creation, resolve to strengthen our alliance to liberty, democracy, independence and peace in a spirit of solidarity and openness towards the world, determined to live together with mutual consideration and respect for their diversity, conscious of their common achievements and their responsibility towards future generations, and in the knowledge that only those who use their freedom remain free, and that the strength of a people is measured by the well-being of its weakest members;
Who gathered our forebears together from many lands and gave them this their own;
Who has guided them from generation to generation;
Who has wondrously delivered them from the dangers that beset them;
We, who are here assembled in CHAMBERS, declare that whereas we
Are conscious of our responsibility towards OUR CREATOR and man;
Are convinced of the necessity to stand united
To safeguard the integrity and freedom of our country;
To secure the maintenance of law and order;
To further the contentment and spiritual and material welfare of all in our midst;
Are prepared to accept our duty to seek world peace in association with all peace-loving nations; and
Are charged with the task of founding the MAVERIC GROUPS NGO and giving it a constitution best suited to the traditions and history of our mission.

Safety and Security

Aim and objective:

Maveric N.G.O Sovereign States is a humanitarian protection agency.

To create a peaceful environment in our provinces so people can live in safety and the knowledge that they will be able to become productive citizens with dreams and a future.

We are not a military of aggression but peace keeping force with a strict moral code of conduct.

Maveric NGO sovereign states area of operations is Africa and Middle East

  • This covers 4 sea routes
  • South coast of Middle East
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • East and West coast of Africa

We will be providing frigates to patrol the cost lines with submarines for surveillance and protections of our oil deliveries.

Use drones for protection the animal kingdom.

Will be setting up an intelligence agency maveric secret service.

Four aircraft carriers on either side of Africa the med and south coast of middle east that wil be out fitted to be hospital ships to provide medical care and basic protection.

We will use c131 for cargo and humanitarian work as well as helicopters.

All hospitals will be protected by early warning anti-aircraft defences.

We will have a team of 1.5 million soldiers from various nations protecting our projects.


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