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Initially to provide food parcels for those in need but then to educate the people to grow their own food and provide for their families and their people.

Encourage the cultivation of food for use at Maveric companies. Compost making will be done using all waste.

All pupils of Maveric Learning Centre will be allocated allotments in large greenhouses - as protection from the monkey population and thieves - to grow fruit and vegetables.

These will then be sold to the Centre and other venues and the profit deposited in the pupil's Maveric Bank account.
Pupils of Maveric Learning Centre will be encouraged to work at the packing shed to earn money.

Rules will apply. Local farmers will be supported for additional fresh food required for the centres.

A dairy will have to be started, as well as chicken, pork, sheep and beef farming, to provide for the same centres.

Extra food will be sold at monthly markets opened to the community and run by Maveric Learning Centre pupils assisted by their teachers.

These funds will be ploughed back into the purchase of seed and livestock etcetera. Communities will be assisted in their farming by means of cell phones.

Trainers will also be used in the set-up of the mini-farms, providing the initial seed, compost and fertilizer, and equipment. Rules will apply.

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