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Maveric President reveals the truth

Dear Maveric friends, fans, family I am not the kind of person that lowers me to react to unfounded uncorroborated accusations filed and posted by vindictive nasty people that seek sensation on questionable and social media platforms.

In response to the biased derogatory, vitriolic, one-sided, unobjective, journalistic reportage on both social media and June 2017 Noseweek which defies all ethics of journalism code.

A further message from Ms Ursula Brown, Press Secretary, Maveric NGO Sovereign States to Mr. Jonathan Erasmus, a very junior reporter at Noseweek. It seems that Mr. Erasmus is in dire need of a “Journalism for Dummies” course, comprehensive hearing test and crash course in common sense. This message is being sent as it is blatantly evident that Mr. Erasmus clearly, is, an amateur and a proverbial spring chicken in the world of journalism. May I suggest that JE needs to study the basic rules of journalism: OBJECTIVITY - TRUTHFULNESS - NEUTRALITY

It is this lack of the basics of journalism, that resulted in Erasmus’s unprecedented scathing attack on Madam President, Ms Gypsey Luongo. Erasmus took Madam President’s life work, career and humanitarian aid projects by making an inexcusable mockery of Maveric’s for selfish sensational benefit.

The facts are :
Riaan Kolesky, Tom (aka Roland van Nieuwenhuizen) and Harry (aka Bruce Goldby) were business partners who invested approx R2,000,000 each, in return for 20,000,000 USD each plus Maveric directorship. At this time Maveric was registered as a South African company with no mention of World Bank and UN involvement.

After Maveric funds were verified by their appointed legal representative - a retired lawyer - investment was concluded and an agreement for supplying goods for feeding scheme was concluded.

Thereafter Messrs Kolesky, Van Nieuwenhuizen, Goldby opened a fraud and embezzlement case in 2013 against Maveric with Hawks, closed due to unfounded accusations. Kolesky stated “we cannot understand why they haven't made any arrests. There was ample evidence.”

The so called ample evidence supplied to the Hawks were verifiable bank statements and letter from governments agencies.

These gentlemen perjured themselves in June 2017 Noseweek report by saying UN was involved at the time of their investment there was no mention of any NGO or UN as we the partners at that time were clearing the funds in Ghana that had to do with a valid legitimate oil deal.

Maverics’s Humanitarian banking and sovereign ngo status was conceptualized in 2014 and full registration of all procedures were completed in March 2018

Miss Thalia Simpson never defrauded her school of any money but supported her school out of her own pocket for years and the R380k she used to pay for her clearances as a sub NGO was her own personal money.

Miss Simpson has a registered FNB NGO account and is a registered sub-ngo of Maveric NGO. After Miss Simpson refused to allow the school board to control £30,800,000 funds donated, forces who wanted her ousted as principal, used her taking a 2-month advance on her salary as reason for her dishonourable dismissal. This salary advance was used to pay SARB to activate the donation which was to be used for upgrading the school. The self-appointed instigators of the “firing squad” were Ms Sue Powell (school secretary) and husband Mr. Derrek Powell (board member), the Hibberdene farmer, who, as reported in June 2017 Noseweek, was defrauded of his farm and pension. When I confronted him in this regard, Mr. Powell confirmed that his partner was buying him out and that the article was completely untrue.

Maveric registration has not been finalized due to deviant underhandedness of an ex-CCB assassin and self-confessed black-ops operator, who uses cannabis oil to alleviate seizures and nightmares from his clandestine murderous activities.

Mr. Eugene Halliday, owner of Azasos, a South Coast security company and who, in his own words “thrives on the art of deception”. Halliday also laid charges of money laundering and recruiting terrorists with Giaba Ghana, whilst vying for a position as head of Maveric military. After illegally “copying and pasting” a confidential Maveric NGO company certificate on his security company letterhead, Halliday (ex-CCB assassin) placed advertising for military personnel recruitment. Halliday’s advertising drive totally misrepresented the project, claiming World Bank clearance to set up 1500 military camps in North Africa, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Halliday and Mistress Pelser asked me to pay for cannabis oil for Mr. Halliday and a disconnected phone bill.

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When I heard that he (Halliday), was a married man, whilst also living with Mistress Pelser, who, despite having no military experience, was appointed as a major. I confronted him and told him that this lifestyle and “dodgy major appointment” was unacceptable and in total defiance of the Maveric ethos.

Halliday told me that he had access to soldiers to fully staff the initial Maveric Military personnel. Furthermore Halliday reiterated that he needed funds for his ailing business, and, in true CCB entrapment form, he convinced me to agree to give him 500,000 USD when funds became cleared. Halliday was aware that clearing of funds would be virtually impossible due to his report to GIABA in Ghana, of which I have been thoroughly and officially cleared, once again. Read addendum 4 below...

When Halliday was confronted by me as to who gave him permission to use Maveric private document on his letterhead and deceived thousands of people with false promises of work he reverted to slander of Maveric on Facebook to cover his actions and then used a friend and journalist to spread the deceit nationwide.

Finally Halliday went to other international Maveric directors of overseas bank branches to discourage them from concluding as he was so called investigating a 9-year old 419 scam fraud case of which I was cleared by hawks, due to me terminating his services after discovering his fraudulent intentions and notification of his false allegation to GIABA in Ghana.

As to Noseweek taking Gypsey Luongo’s life's work and career and trashing it for sensational benefit I have this to say.

In 1989, I, a single mother of three, almost, single-handedly, built 280 houses in Orange Farm with no water or sanitation in 6 months with a lot of harassment by SAP and false accusations. I moved 280 families, who had been living in a cholera-infested Mashenguville to brand new houses in Orange Farm, helped start a school with funds raised by organising a festival and other small humanitarian community events.

In 2010, SABC TV 1 was on site filming the houses that had been standing since 1989 with residents giving glowing reports to presenter and crew.

Based on the humanitarian work I did at Orange Farm, I received a huge sum of money, which, with the help of Advocate Nobert G Sithole, was invested in Euroclear while setting up and preparing the Humanitarian Banking NGO which has grown to trillions of dollars, making Maveric self-sufficient to sustain all our projects.

I have been persecuted by people of my own race for years because of my beliefs and dedicated passion to care for the less fortunate and underprivileged.

Petty jealous nasty people will always be there but good always beats evil in the end.

Maveric will open its doors for business and Maveric Bank currency will reinstate, restore and rebuild lives in Africa and the Middle East.


Objectivity in journalism aims to help audience make up their own mind about a story, providing the facts alone and then letting audiences interpret those on their own.

To maintain objectivity in journalism, journalists should present the facts whether or not they like or agree with those facts.

Objective reporting is meant to portray issues and events in a neutral and unbiased manner, regardless of the writer’s opinion or personal beliefs.

Journalistic objectivity requires that a journalist not be on either side of an argument. The journalist must report only the facts and not a personal attitude toward the facts.

While objectivity is a complex and dynamic notion that may refer to a multitude of techniques and practices, it generally refers to the idea of "three distinct, yet interrelated, concepts": truthfulness, neutrality, and detachment.

Truthfulness is a commitment to reporting only accurate and truthful information, without skewing any facts or details to improve the story or better align an issue with any certain agenda.

Neutrality suggests that stories be reported in an unbiased, even-handed, and impartial manner. Under this notion, journalists are to side with none of the parties involved, and simply provide the relevant facts and information of all.

The third idea, detachment, refers to the emotional approach of the journalist. Essentially, reporters should not only approach issues in an unbiased manner, but also with a dispassionate and emotionless attitude. Through this strategy, stories can be presented in a rational and calm manner, letting the audience make up their minds without any influences from the media.


             Maveric N.G.O Sovereign States        

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Maveric N.G.O Sovereign States is a humanitarian banking N.G.O with:

Sovereign status

It's own currency

World health registration

the first of its kind.

  • Maveric system was established by Adv Nobert G Sithole to enable Marilyn Luongo to achieve her life time dream of giving Africa and the Middle East back their dignity by creating a platform of income to fund her humanitarian projects such as building and commerce, infrastructure, holistic healing/medical clinics, delivering basic services and educational programs for the underprivileged, unemployed and victims of war and will be doing something that has never been done before.
  • Land for 1500 Maveric NGO Sovereign States Lifestyle Villages to be allocated by presidents, ministries and heads of state throughout Africa and Middle East.
  • The villages will have schools with very modern facilitiies shopping malls, business centres, sport stadium and hospital.
  • Each village will be self sustaining by growing its own food in tunnels a complete agriucultural solution.
  • Every village will have a very modern 1st world university hospital so we ccan create a new generation of medical staff in these areas and offer all the services in a 1000 bed facility from E.R to I.C.U, maternity, burn unit, dental, opthalmic, prosthetics, pediatrics, and so much more.
  • Maveric has a unique education facility.
  • Maveric has huge financiual resourses and is financially self sufficient to afford only best of everthing and we are registered with world bank and finca.
  • Maveric N.G.O. does not rely on donations.
  • The villages will be fully protected by maveric military defence force with full early warning antimissile attack systems drones and seasoned soldiers to ensure safety and stability.


Maveric will also be establishing a center for war victims for psychological and physical treatment that they have suffered from various conflicts.

Maveric will initiate it's program by delivering food parcels to the needy, fresh water, medical supplies and free clinics to rural areas in Africa and the Middle East.

Maveric Oil and Gas will provide the needed funding for it's projects from its profits on sale of fuel products. Maveric has also received funding from private benefactors who have aligned themselves with our mission and goals for humanity.

Maveric will be announcing its Board of Trustees once final registration has been approved.

Marilyn Luongo has been on this quest for many years to discover the secret to be coming successful and financially empowered.

This does not mean having huge sums of money but having infinite knowledge to use the funds you will be receiving wisely.

The Creator never intended for anyone to be poor in fact Hammunrabi employed a man called Arkad the richest man in Babylon to teach people to accumulate wealth

Why are we poor – we are poor because we accept our fate in life and say it is destiny - it is not destiny. Your rich overlords want you to believe this is so, so that they can control your destiny - being poor and enslaved.

Money does not make you a rich man - you become rich because you find value in who you are and your belief in what you can achieve.

Whatever obstacles you have had to endure you have to rise above it and we will help you to help yourself.

Do not accept charity as you feel you have no hope, that is demeaning to you as a person – look on it as a helping hand to creating a better life for yourself and your family and regaining your stolen dignity.

Maveric will be there to do the rest, our NGO is about rebuilding stolen lives and restoration and you are not a refugee or displaced person you are a person on a path to success and maveric is the catalyst to achieving this so as a team we can create a better world.

You are pioneers that will be part of the new renaissance to a new and peaceful life for your children a life filled with plenty love food and financial freedom.

Where education is fun and exciting and being a free thinker and having support for your dreams and aspirations is a reality.

Please read and study the following

welcome to maveric where we care - you will not be forgotten


In the words of the song – catch a falling star (your dream) and put in your pocket never let it fade way (believe and work at it every day one step at a time and never ever give up believing in the truth of your dream)

This is the gift we got from our Creator and we must not waste it for if we do we will suffer the punishment of poverty - stand up and be counted you are not alone.



1. Protection of the Earth
2. Upholding of Peace
3. Support of the Downtrodden
4. Defense of the Feminine
5. Pursuit of Knowledge


Worth-while human beings will not let themselves be driven to despair. They will create new and lasting values, and under the tremendous pressure brought to bear upon everyone today these new works will be of particular greatness.

A nation which believes in its future will never perish.

These were the words uttered by Albert Speer after sentencing at the Nuremberg trials, the remaining question is why has nobody learnt the lesson that these trials tried to achieve?


August 30, 1946 Nuremberg Tribunal: On day 216, the defendants make their final statements.

Final Statement of Albert Speer: Mr. President, may it please the Tribunal: Hitler and the collapse of his system have brought a time of tremendous suffering upon the German people. The useless continuation of this war and the unnecessary destruction make the work of reconstruction more difficult. Privation and misery have come to the German people. After this Trial, the German people will despise and condemn Hitler as the proven author of its misfortune. But the world will learn from these happenings not only to hate dictatorship as a form of government, but to fear it.

Hitler's dictatorship differed in one fundamental point from all its predecessors in history. His was the first dictatorship in the present period of modern technical development, a dictatorship which made complete use of all technical means in a perfect manner for the domination of its own nation. Through technical devices such as radio and loudspeaker 80 million people were deprived of independent thought. It was thereby possible to subject them to the will of one man. The telephone, teletype, and radio made it possible, for instance, for orders from the highest sources to be transmitted directly to the lowest-ranking units, where, because of the high authority, they were carried out without criticism.

Another result was that numerous offices and headquarters were directly attached to the supreme leadership, from which they received their sinister orders directly. Also, one of the results was a far-reaching supervision of the citizen of the state and the maintenance of a high degree of secrecy for criminal events. Perhaps to the outsider this machinery of the state may appear like the lines of a telephone exchange - apparently without system. But like the latter, it could be served and dominated by one single will. Earlier dictators during their work of leadership needed highly qualified assistants, even at the lowest level, men who could think and act independently. The totalitarian system in the period of modern technical development can dispense with them; the means of communication alone make it possible to mechanize the subordinate leadership. As a result of this there arises a new type: the uncritical recipient of orders.

We had only reached the beginning of the development. The nightmare of many a man that one day nations could be dominated by technical means was all but realized in Hitler's totalitarian system. Today the danger of being terrorized by technocracy threatens every country in the world. In modern dictatorship this appears to me inevitable. Therefore, the more technical the world becomes, the more necessary is the promotion of individual freedom and the individual's awareness of himself as a counterbalance. Hitler not only took advantage of technical developments to dominate his own people-he almost succeeded, by means of his technical lead, in subjugating the whole of Europe. It was merely due to a few fundamental shortcomings of organization such as are typical in a dictatorship because of the absence of criticism, that he did not have twice as many tanks, aircraft, and submarines before 1942.

But, if a modern industrial state utilizes its intelligence, its science, its technical developments, and its production for a number of years in order to gain a lead in the sphere of armament, then even with a sparing use of its manpower it can, because of its technical superiority, completely overtake and conquer the world, if other nations should employ their technical abilities during that same period on behalf of the cultural progress of humanity.

The more technical the world becomes, the greater this danger will be, and the more serious will be an established lead in the technical means of warfare. This war ended with remote-controlled rockets, aircraft traveling at the speed of sound, new types of submarines, torpedoes which find their own target, with atom bombs, and with, the prospect of a horrible kind of chemical warfare. Of necessity the next war will be overshadowed by these new destructive inventions of the human mind.

In 5 or 10 years the technique of warfare will make it possible to fire rockets from continent to continent with uncanny precision. By atomic power it can destroy one million people in the center of New York in a matter of seconds with a rocket operated, perhaps, by only 10 men, invisible, without previous warning, faster than sound, by day and by night. Science is able to spread pestilence among human beings and animals and to destroy crops by insect warfare. Chemistry has developed terrible weapons with which it can inflict unspeakable suffering upon helpless human beings.

Will there ever again be a nation which will use the technical discoveries of this war for the preparation of a new war, while the rest of the world is employing the technical progress of this war for the benefit of humanity, thus attempting to create a slight compensation for its horrors? As a former minister of a highly developed armament system, it is my last duty to say the following: A new large-scale war will end with the destruction of human culture and civilization. Nothing can prevent unconfined engineering and science from completing the work of destroying human beings, which it has begun in so dreadful a way in this war.

Therefore this Trial must contribute towards preventing such degenerate wars in the future, and towards establishing rules whereby human beings can live together. Of what importance is my own fate, after everything that has happened, in comparison with this high goal? During the past centuries the German people have contributed much towards the creation of human civilization. Often they have made these contributions in times when they were just as powerless and helpless as they are today. Worth-while human beings will not let themselves be driven to despair. They will create new and lasting values, and under the tremendous pressure brought to bear upon everyone today these new works will be of particular greatness.

But if the German people create new cultural values in the unavoidable times of their poverty and weakness, and at the same time in the period of their reconstruction, then they will have in that way made the most valuable contribution to world events which they could make in their position. It is not the battles of war alone which shape the history of humanity, but also, in a higher sense, the cultural achievements which one day will become the common property of all humanity. A nation which believes in its future will never perish. May God protect Germany and the culture of the west.


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